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Google Analytics consulting expertise can help you unlock insights about your audience and keep you a step ahead of the competition.
Make Decisions Backed With Data, Not Speculation

Your digital marketing is only as good as your ability to measure its effectiveness. When you’re missing data from key parts of your customer journey, any attempt at improving conversion rates can turn into a guessing game. And without the right attribution model, measuring paid or social media return-on-investment can turn into a series of speculative hypotheses.

Every company has a unique set of analytics and data measurement needs. Often, these needs exceed the defaults of a standard Google Analytics’ install. Without the right measurement plan and data collection tools, companies can miss important insights – or even worse interpret the wrong insights and take action on them. If you need help implementing a customized analytics solution or need professional google analytics consulting on how to make sense of your data, then you’re in the right place. We provide the solutions you need.

We Help You Get the Most Out of Your Data

If you’re missing important sets of data or do not have the ability to collect the data you want, then your needs have outgrown the standard tools available within Google Analytics, or have failed to utilize all that the platform has to offer. For many companies, advanced measurement tools can seem out of reach because they appear overly complex or difficult to implement. With the right Google Analytics consultant, implementing a solution can be fairly simple and cost-effective, while offering the potential for significant financial upside.

The Google Analytics Certified team at Cam Myers Marketing provides companies with easy access to specialized knowledge through 1-on-1 analytics consulting services. We help our clients get the most out of their data while providing workable plans that allow those insights to turn into action.
In addition to Google Analytics consulting services, our team also delivers custom Google Analytics development services that make it possible to swiftly overcome complex measurement challenges by implementing solutions that deploy in days, not months.

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We Bring Experience & Value to Analytics Consulting

The Google Analytics Certified team at Cam Myers Marketing provides companies with easy access to specialized knowledge through 1-on-1 analytics consulting services. We help our clients get the most out of their data while providing workable plans that allow those insights to turn into action.

Our full-service digital agency model provides us with experience across all major search engine and paid media channels. Additionally, we understand the key metrics and unique challenges involved within each of the major advertising channels, which provides our clients with unique value in our approach to analytics consulting.

In addition to 1-on-1 consulting, our team also delivers custom Google Analytics Development services. We make it possible to overcome almost any measurement challenge imaginable by implementing programming skills and custom development. Our Google Analytics Development solutions are able to deploy in days, not months – saving you time and money. 

Certifications That Set Us Above The Rest
Google Partner
Certified Google Partners are marketing agencies and professionals who have earned the status by exhibiting skill and proficiency in handling Google’s online advertising tools, particularly AdWords. As a Google Partner agency, we are qualified to handle large-scale AdWords campaigns aimed at delivering maximum ROI.
Google Analytics
The Google Analytics certification is issued to professionals who show proficiency with Google Analytics tools and the ability to fully leverage them to gain data-driven insights. Analytics are critical in identifying opportunities for optimization and capitalization when it comes to success on the web.

Our Clients Found Clarity

Cam Myers team performed an audit of our social and analytics properties. They shed light on where we were wasting money and missing opportunities. They also provided strategic and tactical recommendations that will help our business pivot its advertising strategy.
– Robert S. Insights Manager, Genuine Origins Coffee Co.
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Tracking Unlike Any Other!
At Cam Myers, we take a holistic approach to tracking by defining each stage of your customers’ journey and the key performance indicators (KPIs) which are critical to the success of your business. We assess your infrastructure needs and deploy the required technologies for reporting these metrics. With us, you get a service which goes beyond conventional tracking and reporting.
Dedicated Account Executive
We ensure our customers have great experiences by assigning a dedicated point of contact. Always ready to help you schedule a call, answer billing questions or update you on the status of your project.
Google Analytics Audit
For each new client, we perform a complete analytics audit to ensure proper data collection and configuration of settings within Google Analytics. You'll be surprised how many errors we find!
Senior Level Consultant
You'll get a consultant from our leadership team that has at least 6 years of analytics experience and holds a valid Google Analytics certification.
Analytics Development
If your measurement plan requires a solution that is unavailable within Google Analytics, our development team will build it from scratch - in just days, not weeks.
Isn’t Tracking Built Into Google Analytics By Default?

While standard tracking is included in Google Analytics, these tracking events only account for roughly 10% of what Google Analytics offers. Most companies only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their data. While under the surface, there missing out on key-insight by underutilizing the remaining 90% of features in Google Analytics.

Aside from ensuring that your making full use of analytics, it’s equally important that you’ve configured the setup properly. The vast majority of companies are not configured properly and are collecting data that contains errors. Our Google Analytics consulting services always begin with an analytics audit to ensure your data accuracy. Standard tracking is an out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t offer much value in terms of providing actionable insights. Going beyond these standards can reveal important data that leads to fundamental changes in how your marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We charge $175/hour to work 1-on-1 with executives and marketing directors on an as-needed basis.

We have dedicated teams in-house to execute projects for our clients. Strategic direction and 1-on-1 consulting is a role served by our agency director, Cameron Myers.

Google Analytics Events are user interactions with content that cannot be tracked by web page URL changes or a screen load. For example button clicks, mobile ad clicks, watching a video, posting a comment, interacting with a form that does not redirect to a thank you page, and many other scenarios are examples of actions you might want to track as Events.

Google Analytics Goals measure your website or app effectiveness at achieving target objectives. Simply put, a goal is an activity completed by a user. Examples include completing a purchase or submitting a contact form.

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