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Analytics Consulting, Development, Google AdWords
Chicago Real Estate School is a real estate education company catering to realtors applying for their real estate licenses. While they were generating a lot of sales and revenue, the numbers did not add up, with almost all reporting tools reflecting different figures.
Chicago Real Estate School contacted our agency for help because their sales and revenue figures were not consistent, with Google Analytics, WooCommerce and actual bank deposits presenting contradicting reports. Since their whole operation depended on revenue generated from booked classes, discrepancies in their numbers was a major issue that hindered the proper reporting of ad spend and actual conversion. The major challenge was pinpointing all the major and minor issues with their website structure and tracking methods.
Analytics Consulting 76%
Google AdWords Consulting 58%
Programming & Development 87%
Search Engine Optimization 0%



tarting up, we knew we had to streamline their tracking and reporting systems and their site structure. After analyzing their Google Adwords and Analytics campaigns, we discovered that the client was using a different attribution model for each platform, leading to inconsistencies. Even more troublesome, the payment gateway used to process payment was taking users to a different domain after the purchase. Without cross-domain tracking in place, more than 50% of online revenue was not being accounted for in Google Analytics. Moreover, their website was improperly configured for SSL, with some pages having HTTPS, and others having HTTP headers. Any traffic referred from pages without an SSL started a new session in analytics showing the clients website as the original traffic source.

Finally, they were using an outdated version of the Google Analytics script on their site, leading to conflicts in JavaScript and broken code. Our approach involved fixing their attribution model first and then updating their JavaScript code along with getting rid of all incorrect HTTPS redirects. Once we had managed to create a proper structure, starting from a visitor landing on their site to checking out, our tracking configuration was able to accurately reflect their Adwords spending and the sales/revenue it generated.

Identified causes of revenue discrepancies and resolved the issues
Implemented Cross-domain tracking which connected the full user experience and enabled AdWords tracking to be possible.
Established a new measurement plan for the client which allowed the leadership team to understand their data
Services Provided
  • Analytics Consulting
  • Google AdWords Consulting
  • Programming & Development
Client Feedback
“Exceptionally knowledgeable solved several complex issues for me in a very timely manner! Rehired them immediately for another job! They went above and beyond, showing us problems that we weren’t aware of, then fixing them quickly and completely. I will continue to come back to Cam Myers, again and again!”


– Ryan
Marketing Manager, Chicago Real Estate School