Suncoast Audio
A high-end audio store focused on helping customers build the best systems to achieve the closest reproduction of music.


Suncoast Audio, LLC
Consumer Discretionary, Luxury Goods
Retail & Online Sales, High-end Audio
Services Provided
Digital Strategy, Web Design, SEO, PPC, Social Media
Suncoast Audio is in the business of selling luxury, high-end audio equipment for some of the world’s most exclusive and priciest brands. Today, Suncoast Audio is one of the top revenue-producing dealers in the United States, but that wasn’t always the case. Previous to opening the business, the founder was a professional review critic for the high-end audio industry; a hobby that eventually turned into a home-based business that did surprisingly well. When they first contacted Cam Myers Marketing, they were in the process of opening their very first retail location. Having zero online presence and no previous sales through online channels, they sought out a winning strategy and a partner to execute it.
The client shared key challenges with our team which we carefully considered before accepting the project. The majority of products in the high-end audio industry exceed a $10,000 price tag. This posed a unique challenge for online selling, and as a result, the industry as a whole had been unsuccessful in achieving any meaningful impact from online sales. The client wanted to generate awareness for their brick-and-mortar operation, while also becoming a new online leader in the industry. Our budget needed to succeed in creating national awareness of the new store opening, while also generating traffic to more than 3,000 products being offered on the website. In preparation for creating a strategy, we worked with the client to set clear expectations and set out to achieve a positive return on investment within a 90-day window.
Digital Strategy Consulting 46%
AdWords PPC Management 78%
Facebook Marketing Services 57%
Search Engine Optimization 87%



here needed to be immediate visibility across all product sets. Knowing that SEO would take time, pay-per-click advertising was a primary focus during our strategic planning. Working closely with our development team, we implemented a solution that connected the client’s website directly to Google AdWords. This allowed us the use of “dynamic search advertisements” which use Google’s organic web crawling technology to automatically target relevant search queries based on a retailer’s website content. This deployed pay-per-click search advertisements for all of the 3,000+ products on the client’s website, while also eliminating the need to manually create or delete new search advertisements when inventory changes – which happens often as new models frequently get released.

We understood that our client’s customers were unlikely to make impulse purchases on these high-ticket items. Generating awareness and leading customer to products had to be combined with follow up and re-engagement. Using display advertising and social media, we implemented retargeting campaigns that allowed us to re-engage site visitors with advertisements that featured the products they viewed on the website, while also suggesting similar products that are closely related.

To improve organic search rankings, we first gained an understanding of what was needed by performing a complete SEO audit of the site. We then performed a series of tasks that optimized website loading speeds, brought the site up to Google webmaster guidelines and improved the use of SEO best practices. We then systematically spread out the workload required to perform on-page SEO on each of the product pages.

To promote the opening of the new store, we worked with high-end audio website forums to create awareness through their communities. We also established relationships with these forums that allowed us to gain access to 1st party data. This sourced-data allowed us to build lookalike audiences on social media channels that we utilized to deliver highly targeted ads which led users through a video-tour of the store’s showroom. This particular video campaign generated over 100k likes, comments, and shares, along with a rise in brand awareness that the client could clearly see. Today, Suncoast Audio remains to be our client and we continue to bring innovative changes to their marketing strategy – most recently developing a new website that better suits its marketing goals and technology requirements.

In an industry where the average product costs more than $10,000, we continue to achieve a cost per click below $1
We captured 80% of impression share across 3,000+ products on Google search, exceeding Amazon and eBay.
During the first year, we achieved a ROAS (return on ad spend) greater than 76x the client’s investment.
Services Provided
  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Google AdWords Management
  • Facebook Marketing Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design Services
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
Client Feedback
“Cam Myers’ efforts have significantly helped improve sales. Consistent, timely, and transparent about their work, their team has been easy to work with and flexible in communication. Proactive rather than reactive in approach, their ability to achieve results sets them apart.” 
– Mike B.
President, Suncoast Audio