iHeart Media
The marketing arm of iHeart Radio, the largest radio station broadcasting group in the world.


Radio Broadcasting, Media Sales
Services Provided
Analytics Consulting, Programming & Development
iHeartMedia is the marketing arm of iHeartRadio, the largest radio station holding company in the world. One of their projects involved online credit application submissions, and they wanted to track the user journey, engagement, and conversion for the process. iHeartMedia’s director of insights and analytics contacted our agency for help in providing a clear picture of how users were interacting with their credit application app. Up until that point, they were unable to create accurate funnel tracking and goals due to several challenges.
Their web application had numerous steps, and each one of those steps impacted conversion rates. Moreover, standard Google Analytics goals were not applicable in the scenario, since their web application was interactive, meaning users remain on the same URL throughout the entire experience. Finally, their web platform was using several subdomains sending users to their web application, effectively erasing any records about the original referring sources. This meant they had absolutely no way of knowing where their users were coming from and how exactly they were interacting with the web application – a critical flaw, preventing effective decision making.
Analytics Consulting 67%
Programming & Development 89%
Cross-domain Tracking 70%
Implementation 40%



e knew that we needed to connect all the dots and create a new tracking system which spanned multiple subdomains and was able to track every user action on an interactive web application accurately. Our approach involved custom programming at every stage to monitor and record the completion of each step by every single user. After deploying custom-coded, event tracking for each step in their application, we created a fully-connected funnel with cross-domain tracking to accurately identify the referring source and medium for each user, linking that data to their submissions via the app.

Ultimately, with our solution-oriented approach, we were not only able to identify significant structural flaws in their platform but also delivered a reliable measurement and tracking system with clear and actionable data on where their users came from and how they behaved at each stage.

identify structural flaws in their platform which led to increased security
Delivered a reliable measurement and tracking system which connected data across multiple subdomains
Rehired by client 3 times over the next 6 months for additional analytics consulting and development projects
Services Provided
  • Analytics Consulting
  • Programming & Development
Client Feedback

“Incredibly helpful in getting Google Analytics goals set up on my web application. They went above and beyond what we had contracted for to “get it right.” They not only completed the assigned task, but also helped me understand why the challenges came about in the first place, and how to fix them. They are solution oriented, highly knowledgeable, and solid communicators. I will absolutely hire them again!”

– Alyson S.
Director of Insights & Analytics, iHeartMedia