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Google Ads management services can generate highly targeted traffic for your landing pages, but few businesses have a handle on their PPC campaigns.
Not All PPC Campaigns Are Created Equal

Search marketing has a unique advantage over all other types of advertising. Demographics or interest-based targeting do not drive it. Instead, customers seek out businesses and provide valuable details about what they want and what their intentions are. This makes search advertising the highest quality medium for direct response marketing that exists– period.

Then why do companies fail to produce results? If your competition is outsmarting you on Google Ads, it may not be your fault!  Companies that have efficient business models and operate within higher margins are paying more and more per-click while still maintaining profitability.

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Pay What Each Click is Worth

Most businesses can’t compete by cutting margins alone to achieve results in PPC.  This can lead to companies seeking out as many low competition keywords possible in a hunt for the lowest cost-per-click. This strategy simply does not work; it never leads to a significant impact on business revenue or profitability because the highest competition keywords are the ones that customers are searching for and buying the most. Successful and profitable PPC campaigns target top competitive keywords, and they don’t do it by cutting margins.

The most successful PPC campaigns are built on this crucial fact,  “Google delivers search results.” Google uses much of the same algorithms for determining PPC placements as they do for deciding organic search rankings. Google AdWords looks at potentially hundreds of signals and lines of code to determine relevance – not just the highest bid.

If you’re tired of hiding out in low-competitive areas and don’t want to build a marketing strategy based on cutting your margins – then you’ve come to the right team. Cam Myers Marketing is an official Google Partner with integrated Google Ads management services that know what it takes to win in competitive environments.

Certifications That Set Us Above The Rest
Google Partner
Certified Google Partners are marketing agencies and professionals who have earned the status by exhibiting skill and proficiency in handling Google’s online advertising tools, particularly AdWords. As a Google Partner agency, we are qualified to handle large-scale AdWords campaigns aimed at delivering maximum ROI.
Google Analytics
The Google Analytics certification is issued to professionals who show proficiency with Google Analytics tools and the ability to fully leverage them to gain data-driven insights. Analytics are critical in identifying opportunities for optimization and capitalization when it comes to success on the web.
Google AdWords
The Google AdWords certification is issued to professionals who show proficiency with Google’s online advertising tools. The certification requires passing at least two assessments, the AdWords Fundamentals assessment and one additional module, ranging from Search Advertising, Display Advertising and Mobile Advertising to Video and Shopping Advertising.
Experience You Can Bet The Bank On!

At Cam Myers, we are not just a digital marketing agency; we are also a technology company and an official Google Partner. Our Google Ads management services leverage technology, programming, innovative ideas and everyday hard work to create winning advantages for our clients. 

Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two from our successes, and a few failures too. We bring a unique edge to Adwords management services by delivering strategies that are intelligent, transparent and often confuse our competitors. As a Certified Google Partner, we know the ins-and-outs of all Google Search products including Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Display,  Mobile and Video Advertising with a specialized focus on e-commerce.

Our Clients Get Value Per Click!

“Cam Myers’ efforts have significantly helped improve sales. Consistent, timely, and transparent about their work, their team has been easy to work with and flexible in communication. Proactive rather than reactive in approach, their ability to achieve results sets them apart.”
-Mike B.
President at Suncoast Audio
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The Only Google Ads Management Service Your Business Will Ever Need!
Cam Myers Marketing is a Google “AdWords Search Certified” Company. We excel in all areas of search advertising, including the creation, management, and optimization of PPC campaigns.
We deliver a comprehensive, one-stop solution that provides our clients with a level of personal attention that is unmatched anywhere else.  Cam Myers PPC team produces results while making our services feel more “in-house” than “outsourced.” 
Dedicated Account Executive
We ensure our customers have great experiences by assigning a dedicated point of contact. Always ready to help you schedule a call, answer billing questions or update you on the status of your project.
AdWords Audit
For each new client, we perform an in-depth PPC audit to ensure data is properly linked between AdWords and Analytics accounts, the right tracking pixels tools are installed and attribution models being used and set a performance benchmark based on the history within your AdWords accounts.
Copywriting for Conversion
The best PPC campaigns need equally good copywriting – our in-house team of professional copywriters ensures that each ad for your campaign is meticulously crafted for maximum impact.
Search Term Reports
Your success is important to us. That's why our director holds our teams accountable. You'll receive search term reports from Google AdWords which include each and every search query entered into Google before your ad appeared and was clicked. Sharing these reports ensures our teams consistently deliver quality work.
Do Search PPC campaigns require large budgets to be effective?
In industries where margins are high, cost-per-click is usually high; conversely, where margins are low CPC is also low. When it comes to bidding for business, it’s all about gross profit margins and conversion rates. Companies that have gone through many rounds of conversion rate optimization, experience much lower conversion costs than companies just starting out. If you’re in a high margin industry, you should expect to invest a more substantial budget on AdWords.
Google Ads pay-per-click campaigns can have wildly different CPC’s (cost-per-click) depending on the industry. In some sectors, such as drug-rehab and criminal law,  CPC can be as high as $50 to $100. While other industries, such as dating or e-commerce are significantly lower. If you’re in a trade with a high cost per click, you shouldn’t be concerned. Cost per click is only that high because customers are converting and businesses are competing to get a share.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model where publishers or search engines are paid for traffic referrals each time your ad is clicked on. It is a highly effective method of acquiring targeted traffic, but given the increasing competition…excellent strategy, planning, and experience are required to make efficient use of advertising budget which translates into successful conversions.

PPC Management involves the setting up, monitoring and optimization of pay per click advertising by a competent third party on your behalf.

PPC in search advertising, you pay a search engine, such as Google, to display your ad on top of the search results for relevant keywords. Every time a visitor clicks on your ad, you receive a charge for the price per click, and your ad continues to be displayed until you have spent your daily budget.

However, just buying an ad does not guarantee that it will be displayed. Increasing competition means Google has to share impressions, and this is done by identifying high-quality ads, which then receive maximum visibility. Several factors impact impression sharing, including relevancy, ad quality, click-through-rate (CTR) and landing page experience.

PPC costs vary by industry, but the average cost per click has gone up significantly over the years, from $0.38 back in 2005 to over $2 more recently. In some industries, such as drug-rehab and criminal law, cost per click can be as high as $50 to $100.

However, the actual cost of each ad click is a result of many factors including quality score, landing page experience (determined by metrics that signify engagement) and much more. With proper optimization, an expert can significantly cut down the cost per click by improving user experience, quality, and relevance.

The chart below provided by WordStream Blog, outlines an average cost per click across industry segments.

Please note: figures shown are composite average, for example: auto industry includes mechanics as well as car dealers (which have very different cost per clicks).

IndustryAverage CPC (Search)Average CPC (GDN)
 Consumer Services$3.77$0.69
 Dating & Personals$0.19$0.18
 Employment Services$4.20$1.66
 Finance & Insurance$3.72$0.72
 Health & Medical$3.17$0.37
 Home Goods$3.19$0.70
 Industrial Services$2.00$0.60
 Legal$5.88$ 0.60
 Real Estate$1.81$0.88
 Travel & Hospitality$1.55$0.24

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