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Throwing Money at Facebook & Hoping For the Best?

If your paid Facebook advertising campaign is falling short of the results you want, then you’re in the right place. Most entrepreneurs and marketing managers who are already using Facebook advertising all have a similar experience. They initially see some positive results from their advertising efforts which quickly begin to decay as they attempt to scale their earnings by increasing their total ROAS (return on ad spend).

Tapping into the marketing potential of Facebook is relatively simple – you get access to over 2 billion monthly active users, an incredible advertising algorithm, and more than enough user data to get the job done. However, getting results at scale is challenging, intricate and impossible without the right team behind you.

Scale Your Facebook Ads Without Breaking the Bank

Why do some companies succeed at Facebook while the majority fail? Most companies fall into the trap of thinking that increasing spend on already successful campaigns will lead to more results. That’s not how Facebook designed its algorithm, and if it does work – it will be short-lived. The fact is – the skills required to succeed on Facebook initially are fundamentally different from the skills necessary to achieve results at scale. 

Cam Myers Marketing is a Facebook advertising agency that understands the fundamental differences and unique challenges involved with increasing budgets and scalability. Our processes are built to deliver big ideas, effective creatives, and technical expertise at scale without breaking the bank.

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Hire Your Personal Facebook Rockstars!

Our Facebook Marketing agency is a team of Facebook Certified marketing rockstars. We deliver big ideas, intriguing creatives, and technical expertise that produce results at scale.

The Facebook ads team at Cam Myers has the sole job of delivering results for your business day in, day out on Facebook. You’ll get a service that feels more “in-house” than “outsourced,” where you and your convenience come first. We take on everything, from planning to implementation and keep you always informed about your ROAS (return on ad spend) along the way.

A Certification That Sets Us Above The Rest
certified facebook advertising agency
Facebook Blueprint Certified Buying Professional
Facebook’s Blueprint Certified Buying Professional certification requires passing two paid exams: 1) Facebook Advertising Core Competencies and 2) Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

These exams measure competency in the skills, tools and best practices required to purchase Facebook ads and utilize advertising objectives. The second exam further measures advanced-level competency in creating, managing and purchasing ads, improving performance and mapping the proper ad formats with advertising objectives and audience targeting.

Our expertise, coupled with our continuous learning approach, ensures that we are in the best position to leverage Facebook’s advertising products on behalf of our clients.

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The best advertiser and marketer I have ever worked with. I have a shopify website with fulfillment by Amazon, and he has brought it from limited sales to a consistent flow via retargeting, A/B testing, Facebook ads, Instagram, Email Opt ins, and Email Campaigns. They are also super attentive and send reports to me constantly.


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Cam Myers Marketing is not your typical Facebook advertising agency – our clients get a level of personal attention matched nowhere else.  We deliver a full-service solution that ensures our clients have the very best of everything required to succeed at scale using Facebook advertising.
Dedicated Account Executive
We ensure our customers have great experiences by assigning a dedicated point of contact. Always ready to help you schedule a call, answer billing questions or update you on the status of your project.
Weekly Progress Reports
You will receive weekly analytics and reports showing exactly how your Facebook Marketing is progressing and how your goals are being met.
Creatives Team
Success with Facebook advertising is heavily dependant on creatives. Your account is assigned a dedicated in-house copywriter and graphic designer that create new ads throughout the month. While you can always request changes to your team, we strive to keep you with the same team to promote brand consistency in your advertising.
Advanced Attribution
Facebook ROAS (return on ad spend) can be difficult to measure without the right attribution model. We add unique tags that track each Facebook Ad click and report user data to Google Analytics. This allows you to clearly see the impact of your ads within your Google account.
Is Facebook Advertising Losing its Effectiveness?

You may hear that Facebook is not as effective as it used to be, or doesn’t work for most businesses. Facebook indeed has made some fundamental changes to its platform including removal of targeting options from 3rd party data exchanges and providing less transparency about matching rates of imported data, to name a few.

While many of these changes do pose new challenges, they certainly do not make Facebook less effective.  Facebook keeps evolving, and those who do not adapt to these new changes are living in the past. As long as your business involves customer acquisition, Facebook’s advertising products still deliver results. If anything, Facebook has become more difficult for the average marketer, not less effective. Delivering great returns and scalability without pouring money into the system on continuous “testing,” requires an intimate knowledge of the Facebook advertising product and solutions that overcome the new data regulations. 

At Cam Myers, we have been preparing for data regulation long before it happened. When Facebook announced the removal of 3rd party data from Acxiom and other data exchanges, it wasn’t a surprise. Companies need to be prepared to bring their own data to the table now, which is easy to do if you have the right partner like us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook lets advertisers choose from a host of different ad formats, including images, videos, carousels, slideshows, and collections. For each ad type, Facebook offers various customization and targeting options, and ultimately ads are set up in line with different goals, such as brand awareness, lead generation or traffic referrals.

An ideal Facebook advertising budget is $1,000 a month up to $100,000 a month or more, depending on the size of your brand and your marketing objectives.

Facebook advertising can be extremely expensive or cost-effective, depending on how well you align your marketing plan with your audience’s needs. Advanced algorithms generate relevancy scores for each of your advertisements. These relevancy scores heavily influence the cost of your advertising.

Facebook is a platform with over 2 billion active users and an extensive database of geographic and demographic data. This means, you can leverage Facebook’s targeted marketing products to reach exactly the kind of audience that your business needs.

Increased sales and revenues are a direct result of increased target audience engagement, and the right content, displayed to the right people, can make that happen.

Facebook Pixel is a very powerful tracking tool which allows marketers to build custom audience segments based on specific activity, and then target them on Facebook with qualified offers and ads based on their behavior.

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