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Done right, a winning digital marketing strategy can transition your business from walking to running and from succeeding to dominating the competition.
You Need Skills That Go Beyond Social Media

Attempting to translate traditional marketing ideas into a digital strategy can be laborious and confusing. Without the right leadership or the guidance of a digital marketing strategy agency, selecting the right channels and tactics for success can be next to impossible.

To produce a winning strategy, companies require a leader who possesses a myriad of skills that go far beyond social media and extend out to analytics, content marketing, search engine marketing, development, budget planning, forecasting and specialized knowledge on each of the top paid media channels. While the majority of companies do have marketing leaders that possess some level of digital experience, rarely do they have the all-around skills responsible for creating a competitive advantage. This presents a unique challenge and a talent-gap within organizations – often leading to poorly planned digital strategy.

Success Comes to Those Who Are Prepared

Who wins when it comes to digital strategy? Companies who do achieve a competitive advantage through digital marketing understand how crucial it is to create synergy across multiple channels. Some channels are great at creating awareness, while others are more suitable for converting customers – neither of which would succeed without one another.

A fully integrated strategy has to be cross-channel to achieve a significant impact on your business revenue. Most companies fail to create a winning digital strategy because they create individual or “siloed” strategies that are specific to different channels. When companies deploy a single digital strategy across all channels, that strategy can be translated into different tactics that work together to achieve your marketing goals.

Cam Myers is a full-service digital marketing strategy agency with certifications across all major marketing channels and search engines. We devise digital strategies by looking across the entire competitive plane, not just specific channels. We find the best opportunities for brands to achieve their objectives with clearly outlined strategies that are both actionable and measurable.

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Our full-service agency model allows us to bring a 360-degree perspective to the digital strategy consulting and planning process. The teams at Cam Myers hold industry-recognized certifications across all major paid media channels, search engines, and analytics platforms. Our skill set and expertise are not limited to specific digital marketing channels which allow our teams to build strategies that are unbiased and include perspectives across all digital marketing disciplines.

We take care to understand your unique business needs and objectives, while also factoring in the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats posed by your competitors. If you require specialized knowledge and 1-on-1 consulting of your digital strategy, this service is available by the hour.

For larger initiatives, our dedicated project teams will devise a strategy that includes competitive research, customer research, campaign theme/messaging, media/budget planning, forecasting, and fully-integrated measurement plans.

Our Clients Sleep Easy!

Cam Myers team performed an audit of our social and analytics properties. They shed light on where we were wasting money and missing opportunities. They also provided strategic and tactical recommendations that will help our business pivot its advertising strategy.
– Robert S. Insights Manager, Genuine Origins Coffee Co.
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At Cam Myers Marketing, we don’t work for you, we work with you to achieve real, tangible, measurable results which contribute to positive growth and success for your business. We understand the world of online marketing, and we take it upon us to be your partners in this journey. That is why our suite of services is tailored to be a cut above the rest.
Is Investing In Digital Marketing Strategy Expensive?

It’s easy for companies to place too much focus on immediate or short-term business development. Investing in digital marketing strategy agency is similar to saving a portion of every paycheck you make. In the short-term, it requires that you make an upfront sacrifice and there is no immediate reward. However, the future comes, as it always does, and the long-term rewards far exceed the short-term sacrifices.

Digital strategy is not a quick-fix, and it’s not going to increase your sales overnight. Yes, investing in digital strategy is expensive. But, that’s only true if you are viewing it as a short-term investment. In the long-term, the right digital strategy can produce sustainable competitive advantages for your company, which significantly impact your revenue and far outweigh the initial investment cost.

If you think investing in digital strategy is risky… wait until you get the bill for not investing. As more and more companies gain positions of dominance through investments in marketing technology, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to compete while remaining profitable.

At Cam Myers Marketing, our aim is not to only improve your marketing. Our aim is to leverage technology so that your digital marketing tactics become your competitive advantage.

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We are not just a digital marketing strategy agency – we are long-term partners for all our clients, helping them excel at what they do by delivering the advantage they need when it comes to online visibility, search traffic, and real-world sales.
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Digital strategy starts with customer and competitor research and leads to a complete blueprint for success via a host of online marketing activities tailor-made for your business.

Yes! As long as you’re on the web, you need an effective digital strategy to deliver expected goals and help your business stay in the game long enough to dominate it..

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