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Content is king, and in this online age, you need a top-quality content marketing agency to represent your brand, develop your narrative and build a community around your business.
Is Your Marketing Addicted to Paid Traffic?

If your business invests the majority of its advertising dollars online, then your goals are likely to include maximizing that return on investment, while also continuing to grow market share. For those brands who predominantly invest in paid advertising, continued efforts towards growth often lead to revenue-plateaus or large fluctuations in ROAS (return on ad spend) as they deal with the increasing cost of generating quality paid media traffic at scale.

Many companies (of all sizes) have become heavily reliant on a specific set of paid media channels (mostly Facebook and Google Ads) While these paid media channels can be responsible for driving the majority of growth and online sales, they often leave brands in a position of dependence and limited growth potential. Companies should absolutely continue making investments in paid media traffic. However, if they desire consistent and healthy returns at scale, they need to own more of their online real-estate (traffic sources) by investing in content marketing.

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Own Your Audiences or Keep Paying the Rent 

If your business does not intend to increase the number of traffic sources it owns, then it will never achieve lower traffic costs at scale. Brands that succeed in taking significant market share own their audiences by owning and producing their content. They control costs, improve their SEO, segment potential customers based on the types of content they consume, and they eliminate a portion of their acquisition costs.

Brands need to understand that major advertising giants like, Facebook and Google are in the content marketing game, too. If you’re spending money with them, then you’re paying for your message to be seen within their content.

If you want to invest in the longevity of your business while reducing acquisition costs at scale, Cam Myers is a content marketing agency that has the expertise and skillset required for you to be a success. We handle everything from research to planning, SEO, production, and accession paths that guide content consumption into conversion – leading your business into owning audiences.

Get Your Very Own Content Marketing Factory

We believe effective content is anything that manages to capture the attention of a group of people at a specific time and place. It can be a video, a podcast, an in-depth market research report, or a highly focused micro-site that advertises commercial energy rates for each of the 52-State in the country (yes, we have done that).

With ever-increasing competition, a successful content marketing campaign hinges on multiple factors, from research to development and distribution. This requires businesses to invest in dedicated infrastructure and human resources to manage a series of complex workflows, which ensure high-level production quality, conveys domain expertise, and accurately represents their brands. Given the sheer scale of such a project, selecting the right partner is crucial to your success.  

With our content marketing agency, you get your very own content factory. You benefit from our expertise and in-house processes, which are built for speed and cost control.  Our assembly line style of production ensures the delivery of top-quality content on a consistent basis while also having the ability to support significant capacity and large-scale projects. 

Certifications That Set Us Above The Rest
Google Partner
Certified Google Partners are marketing agencies and professionals who have earned the status by exhibiting skill and proficiency in handling Google’s online advertising tools, particularly AdWords. As a Google Partner agency, we are qualified to handle large-scale AdWords campaigns aimed at delivering maximum ROI.
Google Analytics
The Google Analytics certification is issued to professionals who show proficiency with Google Analytics tools and the ability to fully leverage them to gain data-driven insights. Analytics are critical in identifying opportunities for optimization and capitalization when it comes to success on the web.
Content Marketing Specialist
Issued by Digital Marketer, the Content Marketing Specialist certification qualifies professionals to make the most of content marketing opportunities on the web. A specialist excels in all related areas, ranging from the creation of compelling content which converts prospects into customers, to using unique strategies to take advantage of third-party content.

Businesses We Gave Our Words To

“Cameron and his team of skilled marketers have done a phenomenal job with my business.  When I started working with Cameron about a year ago, my business was not ranked on the front page of Google and my website had a bunch of errors from a previous company.  Since they took over, I have dominated the google rankings and my website is running faster and is “cleaner” than ever before.  I highly recommend Cam Myers Marketing for SEO and website refresh.  He knows his stuff and I have the rankings to prove it.”
– Eric W., President of Park City Bookkeepers
Recent Case Studies
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Fully Managed Content Production From A-Z
At Cam Myers Marketing, we streamline one of the most challenging aspects of digital marketing – consistent, high-quality content generation at scale.
We use a host of collaborative tools and every piece of content produced goes through multiple editors with knowledge specific to our clients’ domains. With us, you get a full-service content marketing agency that delivers a level of personal attention that’s unmatched anywhere else.
Dedicated Account Executive
We ensure our customers have great experiences by assigning a dedicated point of contact. Always ready to help you schedule a call, answer billing questions or update you on the status of your project.
Monthly Reports
You will receive monthly content reports showing exactly what kind of content is being developed, at what frequency, and how it is being published on your online asset(s).
Custom Graphic Design
Textual content needs images to be effective, and with us, you get access to professional graphic designers who deliver top-quality visual content to complement every post and page that is published on your website.
Hassle-free Publishing
Not only do we create content and generate images to go with it, we also publish the content for you, ensuring perfect formatting and scheduling content for optimum results.
Has Content Marketing Become Less Effective?

Asking whether content marketing works or not is a reasonable question considering the endless amount of content available on the internet today. Content marketing presents an opportunity which has enticed companies to make investments in high volume and low-quality content. In recent years, low-quality content has flooded the internet, reaching a point where it’s become a significant concern for Google’s search engines. Recent updates have positioned Google’s algorithms to filter out low-quality content in search results.

These new standards have created a favorable opportunity for smart businesses and brands to stand out from the crowd. As long as there is a need for information, there will always be a need for effective content to satisfy that demand. Delivering value to users and customers is at the heart of successful content creation. The content marketing team at Cam Myers delivers unique value and high-quality content that gets recognized while others are being filtered out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing is the strategic creation and distribution of content (blogs/videos/podcasts) which provides value and attracts a targeted audience to build a community of prospects which can then be converted into customers.

Most businesses think starting a blog equals content marketing, but effective campaigns require a strategic approach. At Cam Myers Marketing, we handle every step of the workflow for our clients, from researching and executing creative content ideas to distributing content effectively for maximum traction.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term used to define how we optimize content to appear in search results. Content marketing is the production of online assets used to attract your target audience by providing value. Content marketing and SEO often go hand-in-hand.

Please contact us with any questions not answered here.