Credit Union Marketing Ideas | 10 Key Ideas For Marketing Banks Online

Move your marketing into the modern era
The banking industry is lagging in the digital marketing department. As a credit union, your business needs to keep up with national banks who usually have more capital and resources to devote to advertising. We created a list of credit union marketing ideas to help you chip away at market share.
The big picture

Credit unions can win when they merge local trust with focused advertising. The beauty of our hyper-connected world is you can target core customers more accurately. Broad brush campaigns still have their place; however, your chances for success increase when you have a specific message for a specific group of individuals.

But first

Your targeting options depend on your customer and your offering. Before you begin thinking about any credit union marketing ideas, it is wise to determine the following:

  1. What is your core offer?
  2. What problem does your product or service solve?
  3. Who are you trying to reach? Be as specific as possible?
Facebook paid advertising targeting
  • Steal customers from a competing credit union or larger bank by targeting credit union members, national bank customers or regional bank customers.
  • Increase services for cards or encourage more usage by choosing active debit card users and credit card users.
    Promote lower interest rates to refinance a current mortgage or perhaps upgrade from renting to owning by serving ads to people who are likely to move, pick a specific length of residence or people who rent.
  • Perhaps your credit card has perks for business travelers and you can target them specifically.
  • Reach people who are new to the area (and of course need a new credit union) by narrowing your location and selecting ‘recently moved’ life events.
Don’t let website visitors forget about you

Re-target people who visit your website. People’s browsing habits are all over the place and they get easily distracted. Nudge them towards you by serving and ad on Facebook.

Capture their email address by offering value. Maybe you create a “Save up for your home improvement worksheet,” and ask for an email address in return. The goal is to give a visitor access to something they feel is valuable so you can continue to market to them.

Most Important of All Credit Union Marketing Ideas – Be Visible
  • Create valuable content. This idea has two benefits: 1) customers will be grateful when you help them and 2) you can increase visibility on search engines.
  • Re-evaluate your website’s SEO. We cannot stress this enough… if customers cannot find you, you’ve already lost.
  • Set up your Google My Business account. This allows you to add specific information about your credit union and make your location and website more visible on Google.


This list should keep you busy for some time. Need help implementing these credit union marketing ideas? We would love to help. Contact us!

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