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You Don’t Need More Website Design

Are visitors not engaging for long durations or failing to take the sales-actions your website was designed for? Your website should be the most valuable, highest performing asset your business owns.

Your website can’t fail you in one of the most important aspects of your business. Today, revenue is won and lost on the internet, and while few companies do succeed after buying a new website – the majority fail to make any meaningful impact.

Most websites fail to produce results because they make the same mistakes, website redesign after website redesign. By far, the most common pitfall is thinking that better, more-expensive design or improved user-experience is the answer to success. These aesthetic-features are essential elements of a winning website and branding, but it’s not the reason why websites succeed.


Our Websites Succeed Online

Thinking that improved design and user experience alone can lead to more revenue, is the same as thinking an unskilled salesperson can improve their performance by wearing a new, expensive suit. The sole purpose of a website, whether directly or indirectly, is to market and sell for a business.

Websites only exist online. If a website is not fully integrated with, and build for a companies digital marketing strategy, then it’s destined to fail. The websites that do succeed, leverage technology and build web assets for particular marketing initiatives. This winning formula requires fundamental skills that go far beyond website design services.

Cam Myers Marketing is a full-service web design company in Michigan. We bring in a unique approach of combining marketing, technology, and website design. Our dedicated development team works with our digital strategists and copywriters to create websites that rank well on search engines, convert paid media traffic, and provides the right sales-assets for every stage of the customer journey.

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Our Web Design Services Go Far Beyond Design
Our Michigan web design company focuses on impacting your online presence. Not only do we have professional web developers and designers, we also have top-tier copywriters and round the clock support. With us, you get a full-service solution which takes care of every small detail that contributes to a winning website.
Dedicated Mobile & Desktop Versions
With the increase in mobile browsing habits, it is imperative that your website caters to mobile traffic. With us, you get dedicated mobile and desktop versions of your website, fully optimized for each platform to ensure maximum engagement and conversion.
SEO Foundation
Using our experience in search marketing and paid advertising, we develop a website with the correct foundation to perform well on organic and paid marketing campaigns.
Ease of Use You’ll Love
Our design allows you and your team to seamlessly add new content and improve your website as your business scales and grows – all without having to hire a professional developer.
Round the Clock Support
Our round the clock support, based in the USA, ensures that you get effective and timely help when you need it the most.
The Hidden Dangers of “Specialized” Website Design Firms

When considering which website design company to select for your new website, it’s natural to lean towards a web design firm that “specializes” in your industry. Often times, these specialized companies offer website design services at a fraction of the cost by charging a monthly fee instead of upfront costs. These types of companies typically target doctors, chiropractors, lawyers, and many other professional services. If you’re considering one of these companies, it’s important that you first understand all the facts.

These “specialized” firms are all about efficiency.  They produce run-of-the-mill websites, using the same templates, duplicated content, and copied codes.  While the design may look good on the surface, search engines like Google often penalize these sites.

A web design firm or agency which specializes in real estate websites, for instance, is likely to have invested considerable resources in a website platform built “just for real estate agents.” The core of the website is duplicated, over and over, and sold to potentially thousands of businesses in the same industry. While these websites might be cost-effective, they severely limit your potential for success online.  Often, companies don’t even own their websites under this model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is basically an open-source platform for website development and is among the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS), allowing for easy website creation and content publication.

WordPress sites are also custom developed, but with a CMS, a robust open-source codebase and PHP as the core language, building a highly customized website on WordPress is much more cost-efficient and less time consuming compared to traditional web development.

WordPress websites have no issues ranking on search engines, unlike some of the drag and drop, instant site builders. As long as a WordPress site is developed in line with digital marketing strategies, performance and results are easily obtainable.

WordPress is extremely powerful and flexible, which means with the right development team, you can literally get any type of website developed, whether it is an e-commerce portal or a video sharing platform.

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