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We help organizations to differentiate their brand and improve marketing results through effective video production with capabilities ranging from corporate videos, commercial advertising videos, tutorial videos and other forms of branded video content.
Most video content lacks strategy

Video is an essential part of marketing in the digital age. The consensus for effectiveness is undeniable. Consumers are over twenty times more likely to click-through online video ads than standard image banners. On social media, videos get over ten times more shares than text and images combined. There is also a correlation between higher search engine rankings and the use of video on company web pages. Embedding videos on landing pages almost always leads to higher conversion rates. Also, according to study conducted by Hubspot, 80% of customers remember a video they viewed in the past month.

So, the question is – if video is so engaging, memorable and performance enhancing, then why aren’t more companies “winning” with video? The answer is simple. To win with video, companies need continuous production of effective video content to experience scale. With such a high production demand, companies are resource starved and securing great production talent costs way too much to support the level of quantity the company needs to produce. At this point, companies tend to compromise because of a lack of time, budget or both. They sacrifice well-thought-out communications strategies and big ideas for a higher quantity of video content. If you are faced with choosing between quality OR quantity in your video productions, we are here to help. We deliver the “&” where other companies leave you settling with “OR.”

Here, Your budget gets you more.

You can have quality & quantity in your video productions without exceeding your budget. We own all our equipment and employ an in-house staff consisting of a creative director, production director, post-production specialists, digital media planners and copywriters. While most marketing and advertising agencies outsource the video production process to another company and markup the price to you; we instead pass on the savings of low overhead and lower cost of production to you.

Our proprietary creative process for video content production incorporates unique and effective brand communication strategies that serve as your big idea that extends across all your video campaigns. We excel at storytelling, brand communications and content strategy. Each video is part of a larger content strategy that integrates with your overall brand communications strategy. While for some agencies this process can be time intensive and budget heavy, we deliver big ideas and elegant productions in record time by integrating media planning, content strategy, production scheduling and brand communication strategy all at the point of conception.

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