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It’s All About The First Page

If you have invested weeks, months, or even years of resources into improving your SEO and have realized little to no impact, then it’s likely because you fell short in reaching the first page. The first page of Google results consumes over 90% of all search traffic! Every other page is just a graveyard for dying webpages and has no chance of impacting business revenue.

The lion’s share of web pages on the internet today have zero optimization and fail to meet even the most simple SEO principals. This makes it exceptionally easy for brands to move upward in search rankings by implementing the most elementary SEO practices. The majority of SEO services do succeed in achieving upward movement in search engine rankings, but few actually breakthrough to the top. Getting to the top only happens when companies implement the fundaments while also bringing in additional sets of optimizations that closely tied to website development.

SEO is Different Near the Top

Why do some companies secure top rankings while the majority fail? Most companies tend to invest in search engine optimization services that meet Google’s minimal requirements and expect to succeed. SEO is just the admittance price all businesses have to pay for a chance to compete in the event for the top.

Reaching the top requires a set of optimizations that far exceed keywords, content, and backlinks – optimizations that are deeply tied to development, server data, and trust signals across a multitude of data points.

The Traverse City SEO team at Cam Myers earns results by using a hybrid team of developers and search marketers that know what it takes to reach the top without manipulating or violating search engine terms. 

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At Cam Myers Marketing we take a data-driven approach to Search Engine Optimization. Our search campaigns start with a comprehensive, 23-point search marketing audit. This audit scores your website on the new factors of search marketing such as mobile usability, the organizational structure of your website, web page load speed and many other key factors related to SEO.

With us, you get a world-class digital marketing and SEO team which specializes in search engine optimization with in-depth, white hat strategies that focus on long-term ranking improvements and organic traffic!

Our Clients Only Have Good Things To Say!

I just had some SEO work done by Cam Myers Marketing and highly recommend them. They use a lot of easy to follow tracking tools and within a few months my Google listing went from #47 to #4 for my most important keywords. My Google traffic has increased 10x. Cam and each of his team members are easy to work with and very professional. Highly recommended!
-Dr. Donald F., DC  Structure & Function Chiropractic
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Our Traverse City SEO team goes beyond keyword research, backlink generation and ranking improvements. We are committed to delivering excellence and ensuring you get what matters most to you – lasting results and unparalleled convenience.
Dedicated Account Executive
We ensure our customers have great experiences by assigning a dedicated point of contact. Always ready to help you schedule a call, answer billing questions or update you on the status of your project.
SEO Audit
For each new client, we perform a comprehensive, 23-point SEO audit which ensures your compliance with Google Web Master guidelines.
We operate under complete transparency by tracking all your billable hours through automated time tracking programs. We provide you with detailed reports on how and when your hours are being used - after all, you did pay for them!
Advanced Reporting
In addition to standard ranking reports, our SEO services include advanced traffic reports within Google Analytics that provide in-depth information on organic click-through-rates, impressions and more.
Does SEO Manipulate Google?

There is danger in amateur SEO. For those who sell guaranteed ranking improvements, purchase backlinks or take short-cuts to achieve quick results, they are manipulating the system or using what we call, “blackhat techniques.” While these methods can often lead to short-term results, they most often end up resulting in severe Google penalties.  These penalties include your website getting blacklisted from Google’s index and no longer appearing in any of its search results. The Traverse City SEO team at Cam Myers never participates in these manipulative activities.

Our strategy is simple; we follow Google’s webmaster guidelines and the rules that are set out by Google. We also protect our clients by following our own code of ethics. Anytime we are presented with a situation where we must ask ourselves “is this okay to do?” then the answer is no. We never engage in activities that live within in a “gray area” or right and wrong.

We focus on building long-term results so that our clients rank well and continue to receive organic traffic long after our work is completed. Our approach involves in-depth research to understand your niche and target audience so that we have the ability to create web pages that deserve to rank on Google. Our development team takes your page to the next level by implementing technical site-optimizations that build a strong foundation for getting you ranked. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of helping a website improve its search engine rankings via certain activities, including effective content generation and reputation building.

There is no magic wand to improve search rankings, and most search engine optimization campaigns take 3 – 6 months to yield positive results. Any service which guarantees faster results is likely to be using prohibited, blackhat techniques which can result in your website getting penalized.

An effective search engine optimization campaign identifies high-value keywords relevant to your niche and focuses on improving your website rankings for those particular keywords. It is not possible for any website to rank on page one for every single term – which is why it is very important to identify which terms matter the most to your business.

We offer a complete solution for search engine optimization, ranging from in-depth keyword research to effective content creation and publishing. We have dedicated teams of experts for all steps in the search ranking improvement process from keyword research to link building and content creation.

Please contact us with any questions not answered here.