Our Founder

Cameron started his marketing career at age 18…

A family friend offered him a job at a well-known marketing agency in Metro-Detroit, whose clients include At&t, Detroit Pistons, Detroit-area golf courses and day spas. Cameron served as a jr. account manager and later, as a campaign manager conducting team meetings addressing specific campaign goals for clients, training new staff, and overseeing marketing activities and a team of eight members.

After receiving a job offer from another firm, Cameron moved into the world of mass media. Townsquare Media Broadcasting hired Cameron as a marketing consultant to work with client accounts throughout southern Michigan. As a marketing strategist, he managed copywriters, engaged in media buys and oversaw creative production teams.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

After one year of working at Townsquare Media, Cameron decided to go after his life-long dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He founded Choice Mobile, a non-carrier affiliated, mobile phone retail store. Choice Mobile was the first retail chain to allow consumers to lease mobile devices through 3rd-party financing, separately from a wireless contract. The brand enjoyed immediate success and expanded its retail presence throughout the region.

In early 2013, Choice Mobile forged a new partnership, raised venture capital, and developed a new concept focused on disrupting the supply side of the mobile phone industry. As a result, B&M Global Trading Corporation was born. The acceleration of smartphone technology resulted in new devices that regularly disrupted market pricing. As distributors and manufacturers held inventory, devices lost market-value faster than they could be sold. B&M Global developed new technologies that connect manufacturers, distributors, brokers, and retailers through online-exchanges. The exchange ultimately commodified consumer electronics by setting real-time market prices for devices, creating transparency at all level of supply chain pricing.


In 2015, Cameron sold his equity in B&M Global and transitioned into working full-time as a marketing and technology-consultant, utilizing the same digital marketing skills he used to grow his businesses.

Now, Cameron serves as the director of Cam Myers Marketing, leading the teams in their downtown offices on Traverse City’s West Bay. The organization works with e-commerce, tourism and SaaS companies in the areas of consulting, digital strategy, lead generation, search marketing, content marketing, programmatic advertising, social media and web analytics.

Cameron is a fitness competitor, high-school sports coach, and an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys spending his downtime “out in the woods,” either hunting or fishing. His friends and clients know Cameron as a fun-seeking, outgoing competitor, in and outside the office. His pinnacle goal in life is to “keep growing and help as many people succeed as he can.”