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Digital Marketing Agency in Michigan

Cam Myers Marketing is a results-oriented digital marketing agency in Traverse City, Michigan. We are best known for executing unconventional, multi-channel, direct response marketing strategies which help our clients thrive in the highly competitive online space.

Led by Cameron Myers, a serial entrepreneur and a former marketing executive, our amazing team helps a global clientele in multiple areas, including consulting, digital strategy, lead generation, search marketing, content marketing, programmatic advertising, social media and advanced web-analytics.

Our most valuable asset is our people, and the whole agency is built on the core philosophies of providing clients personal attention, delivering measurable results and offering a full-service solution, which empowers organizations and businesses to develop highly competitive marketing infrastructures that can scale and evolve to keep up with the fast-changing digital marketing landscape.

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Certifications That Make Us Stand Out
Google Partner
Certified Google Partners are marketing agencies and professionals who have earned the status by exhibiting skill and proficiency in handling Google’s online advertising tools, particularly AdWords. As a Google Partner agency, we are qualified to handle large-scale AdWords campaigns aimed at delivering maximum ROI.
Google Analytics
The Google Analytics certification is issued to professionals who show proficiency with Google Analytics tools and the ability to fully leverage them to gain data-driven insights. Analytics are critical in identifying opportunities for optimization and capitalization when it comes to success on the web.
Google AdWords
The Google AdWords certification is issued to professionals who show proficiency with Google’s online advertising tools. The certification requires passing at least two assessments, the AdWords Fundamentals assessment and one additional module, ranging from Search Advertising, Display Advertising and Mobile Advertising to Video and Shopping Advertising.
Facebook Blueprint Certified Buying Professional
Facebook’s Blueprint Certified Buying Professional certification requires passing two paid exams: 1) Facebook Advertising Core Competencies and 2) Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

These exams measure competency in the skills, tools and best practices required to purchase Facebook ads and utilize advertising objectives. The second exam further measures advanced-level competency in creating, managing and purchasing ads, improving performance and mapping the proper ad formats with advertising objectives and audience targeting.

Our expertise, coupled with our continuous learning approach, ensures that we are in the best position to leverage Facebook’s advertising products on behalf of our clients.
Google Shopping
The Google Shopping certification is issued to professionals proficient in shopping advertising, including merchant account management and the optimization and setup of shopping campaigns.
Search Marketing Specialist
Issued by Digital Marketer, the Search Marketing Specialist certification qualifies marketing professionals to help companies and brands excel in search visibility by leveraging platforms such as Google, YouTube, Amazon and iTunes.
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Content Marketing Specialist
Issued by Digital Marketer, the Content Marketing Specialist certification qualifies professionals to make the most of content marketing opportunities on the web. A specialist excels in all related areas, ranging from the creation of compelling content which converts prospects into customers, to use unique strategies to take advantage of third-party content.
Analytics & Data Specialist
Issued by Digital Marketer, the Analytics & Data Specialist certification qualifies professionals to leverage deep data and analytics to gain valuable insights. Analytics and Data specialists are able to set up measurement campaigns based on metrics critical to any business and identify opportunities hiding in plain sight.
Optimization & Testing Specialist
Issued by Digital Marketer, the Optimization & Testing Specialist certification qualifies professionals to engage in conversion rate optimization to ensure that more prospects are converted into customers by identifying opportunities available to online assets and tweaking them for maximum impact.
Customer Value Optimization Specialist
Issued by Digital Marketer, the Customer Value Optimization Specialist certification qualifies professionals to create highly optimized conversion funnels which make the most of targeted traffic acquired through paid and organic mediums and results in more customers without breaking the bank.
Customer Acquisition Specialist
Issued by Digital Marketer, the Customer Acquisition Specialist certification qualifies professionals to manage and run highly targeted and scalable paid customer acquisition campaigns across various mediums including search and social channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.