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Chiropractors office with a specialized focus on sports injury and structural rehabilitation.


Structure & Function Chiropractic
Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy
Services Provided
Digital Strategy, PPC, SEO
Structure and Function is a chiropractic clinic in northern Michigan. The doctor had purchased a website from a company specializing in creating websites for chiropractors and doctors. However, his website failed to produce any results and did not rank well on Google search engine (it showed up on page 5 for the most important keywords).
Structure and Function Chiropractic hired our agency to help improve search rankings. In our initial audit, we found out that the company which created their website, sold the exact website, with the same template and content, to hundreds of other chiropractors and doctors. This resulted in extremely poor search engine visibility and a Google penalty for duplicate content. The challenge now was to salvage what we could and perform a complete cleanup of their website. Everything had to be re-done, from structure to content, in order to improve search rankings – a process that typically takes around six months to yield positive results.
Digital Strategy Consulting 46%
AdWords PPC Management 68%
Facebook Marketing Services 37%
Search Engine Optimization 97%



he first step was to conduct a complete clean up of their website, removing all the internal and external duplicate content. We analyzed every page and link on the website and redid the entire site structure, added new, unique content and created a new sitemap to promote indexing by Google. New directory listings were next, ensuring a uniform online footprint for the business.

With all our changes, it only took two months for Structure and Function Chiropractic to go from ranking at number 47 to number 4, for the most important keywords. The business also started showing up on Google Maps in the top 3 for the same keywords, resulting in a 10X increase in traffic.

Within 2 months, the client’s website moved from position #47 to #4 for the term “Chiropractor”
Reached top 3 positions in Google Maps for our most important keywords
10x increase in monthly website traffic, compared to a 12 month benchmark.
Services Provided
  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Google AdWords Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
Client Feedback
“I just had some SEO work done by this company and highly recommend. They use a lot of easy to follow tracking tools and within a few months my google listing went from #47 to #4 for my most important keywords. My Google traffic has increased 10x. Cam and each one of his team members were easy to work with and very professional. Highly recommend!”


– Dr. Donald Funk
Structure and Function Chiropractic