Snow Comparison
Priceline® Hotel Booking Partner, allowing travelers to search over 2,800 ski resorts in 61 countries based on personal ski resort criteria.


Snow Comparison
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Snow comparison enables travelers to search over 2,800 ski resorts in 61 countries based on personal ski resort criteria. You can search and filter ski resorts based on beginner, intermediate or advanced style terrain; or by total skiable trails, vertical drop and even snowmaking. Users can view each ski resort individually or by using the comparison feature to see ski resorts side by side. Users can also search for ski resorts based on accommodation and travel budgets. Snow comparison is in partnership with The Priceline Group (owners of and serving up ski-sport content that generates bookings for hotel accommodations. The site makes a commission on hotel bookings, which is their primary revenue stream.
The Snow comparison website was operating great in serving its users to find the best ski resorts in the world. They already had an online magazine and content marketing plan that established a large user base. The challenge was converting the site users into paying customers through its hotel booking service. The online hotel booking industry is an extremely competitive market that operates within a high-volume, low-margin model. The travel industry presents a unique challenge to marketers with regards to reaching potential customers at the right time. The average consumer researches and plans their travel within hundreds of digital moments across multiple devices.
Digital Strategy Consulting 56%
AdWords PPC Management 88%
Facebook Marketing Services 74%



rom the start, it was apparent that we needed to target users who displayed clear signs of buying intent. The campaign focused on serving paid advertisements on Facebook and Google Search while measuring performance through conversion tracking. The campaign launched in Australian and New Zealand markets. Using Facebook Canvas ads, we created a viral user experience featuring 360-degree video. When the advertisement is opened (through a mobile device) on Facebook, users engaged in a virtual ski experience. The encounter featured a first-person view through the eyes of a rider downhill skiing; the 360-degree camera allowed the user to pan left and right as they headed down the ski slopes.

We also incorporated dynamic display ads in the campaign. Dynamic ads were delivered to users on Facebook after they left the Snow comparison website. The ads displayed hotel deals and accommodations (unique to each user) based on specific ski resorts they viewed while on the platform. During our planning stage, we also discovered several hundred, low-cost opportunities through paid search. We positioned search ads on the Google Search Network, targeting hotel and ski resort-based search queries within our target markets.

We served up 3.5+ Million Impressions
We maintained an average cost per click of $1.04
Number of Hotel Bookings: N/A Confidential Requested by Client