An Industrial Hemp Farm That Sells Wholesale Quantities Direct To CBD Oil Processing Facilities And Textile Manufacturers.


Lakeland Hemp
Industrial Hemp Farming
Services Provided
Brand Communications, Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, eCommerce
Lakeland Hemp is a family-owned and operated farm; The Dean family has been farming their land since 1860. In 2019 The United States Government decriminalized hemp farming and opened the door of opportunity. Lakeland Hemp grows industrial hemp crops and sells direct to CBD oil producers, textile manufacturers, and other farms. They needed a brand communication strategy to differentiate their crop from competitors and a website that would build trust and authority in their industry.
When The USA decimalized hemp farming, it was like the gold rush. Hundreds of new operations opened in just the first month. The challenge was – how do we know what buyers desire from a seller in a brand-new market? And how do we stand out from hundreds of other farmers selling the same or similar strains of hemp? And how do we integrate the culture and history of the Dean Family into the fabric of Lakeland Hemp’s Brand Identity?
Brand Communications 86%
Website Design 92%
eCommerce 89%
Search Engine Optimization 65%



e engaged in research to study similar hemp businesses in mature markets (such as Colorado and California) where decimalization had already happened several years prior. What we found out is that nearly all market participants were all making the same claims about their product – “It’s Pure.” Purity was the primary concern of purchasers as higher purity yields higher quality CBD oil and, ultimately, more profits.

We knew that we had to claim purity because it was the most important priority to the buyer. However, if we only sold on purity, we would risk being lost in the crowd with everyone else making the same claims. Through creativity output, ongoing team sessions, and (maybe too much) Red Bull, we found the answer. If a farmer grows hemp in more ideal conditions, it could lead to a more potent product. We then learned everything we could about why the soil and growing conditions in the client’s region were superior to others.No one else in other markets can claim such a unique geographical growing region as Lakeland Hemp. And the area is already known for excellent growing conditions because of its position on the 45th parallel (world-renown for wine grapes and cherries).

Our communication strategy was to make buyers aware of the fact that “Where You Grow Hemp Matters.” A dual play on words. First, implying the client’s product is unique and potent because of where it grows while also prompting the conversation towards the strength of the client’s growing region. Secondly, to speak to the responsible and sustainable farming methods employed by the Dean Family over the last hundred and fifty years. The Dean Family participates in The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program, which helps farms minimize and prevent agricultural pollution risks. Getting qualified for this program was a significant undertaking and a source of great pride for the Dean Family.

Once we all agreed on the brand communications strategy, we created a framework for the website, a hierarchy of pages, and an overall design concept that looked like nothing else in the industry. We created a completely custom website that represented unique branding aspects and a comfortable user experience. We also created an eCommerce store with robust features, including interactive lab test data on product pages where customers can view and sort CBDa, Potency, and THC levels, to thoroughly inspect the product. We also created custom wholesale pricing tiers that adjusted product cart totals based on quantities purchased. We even integrated the eCommerce site into a mobile app where the client could manage orders right from the farm on their mobile phone to fulfill shipments.

Services Provided
  • Brand Communications
  • Website Design
  • eCommerce
  • Search Engine Optimization
Client Feedback

“My family started a new business this year and realized quickly we needed to find experts in the field of website development. It is a blessing we found Cam Myers & Partners. Their ability to ask questions, listen carefully, and collaborate were superior. Cam’s background in advertising brought an additional richness and artistic touch to our site that we had not considered. His patience and perseverance resulted in a website we are proud to share in our industry.

Cam and his associates are user friendly and we highly recommend you consider them for your business. We will definitely continue to utilize his talents and team.”

– Barbara D.
Co-Owner, Lakeland Hemp, LLC