Redstone Manufacturing
An American-owned metal manufacturing company with a global presence throughout five countries, including the United States, India, Vietnam, Mexico, and China.

A Global Shift in Search Marketing Strategy

Redstone Manufacturing
Metal Fabrication
Services Provided
Digital Strategy, International Search Engine Optimization, Sales-enablement, Conversion Rate Optimization

Redstone Manufacturing is an American-owned metal manufacturing company with a global presence throughout five countries, including the United States, India, Vietnam, Mexico, and China. Redstone specializes in helping companies improve their product quality while optimizing their supply chain costs through overseas production.

The company is already investing in B2B digital marketing and observing limited results in the face of global competition and robust digital strategies of well-established incumbents. Redstone Manufacturing already works with some of the world’s most notable brands, including Honda Motors, Morgan, and Armstrong, but a new opportunity (and risk) was emerging on the horizon.


Covid-19 was reshaping US companies’ manufacturing and global supply chains strategies, namely, rethinking their dependence on Chinese supply chains. Supply interruptions, political tensions, and increases in tariffs all led to greater levels of uncertainty in China. As a result, a new trend emerged – a shift away from manufacturing in China and strong demand for doing business in developing nations.

Redstone Manufacturing is well-positioned to meet the demand and shift towards manufacturing in developing nations, but its marketing strategy is not. The company performs well on search engines for queries related to manufacturing in the United States but has zero search engine visibility for searches relating to manufacturing in developing nations.

Digital Strategy Consulting 76%
International Search Engine Optimization 100%
Sales-Enablement 63%
Conversion Rate Optimization 55%



ur target outcome is simple: rank the client’s website within the top three Google search results for all seven of its core services and across four different countries within twelve months. Thus, the goal represents achieving international search rankings for 28 unique services pages.

We began by conducting discovery meetings with the client to understand their business and collaborate to form a strategy. We then conducted a digital presence audit and search visibility audit for the client, both within the US and internationally. While most SEO companies focus solely on auditing a client’s website, we tend to take a more holistic approach to the entire digital presence because website optimization is only a fraction of what influences rankings.

Next, we conducted keyword/keyword-variation research to determine the current search volumes, opportunity size (calculated by adding together all closely related variation terms), and the competitiveness of ranking for the terms. We also created a benchmark of where the client was currently ranking for all the search terms and noted which competitors consistently ranked in the top positions.

After gaining a high-level understanding of the competitive search environment, we narrowed our focus on the top competitors by conducting the same digital presence and search visibility audit we did for the client and compared the findings. 

Our research uncovered four critical opportunities for increasing search traffic: 

  • Low competition for international map-packs on Google.
  • A low number of localized (location-based) backlinks among competitors.
  • Significant opportunities in content marketing related to manufacturing in developing nations.
  • A Google penalty related to a recent search engine algorithm update is suppressing the client’s website visibility.

During 45 days of implementation we: 

  • Created 32 new web pages.
  • Optimized their website for all the target search terms.
  • Redesigned their internal linking structure.
  • Launched a content marketing campaign.
  • Secured international location-based backlinks to increase their domain authority across target counties.
  • We resolved website errors to remove the Google penalty. 
  • We also worked with the client to improve their sales-enablement process to improve lead quality and conversion rates.

Due to confidentiality requested by this client, we are unable to publicize more specific implementation strategies on the web; however, below outlines the results from this initiative.

Within six months of project competition, the client’s website ranked in the number one position for over 75 different search terms related to their core services in the target countries and subsequently experienced an organic traffic increase greater than 25x the previous organic traffic levels in the month leading up to our work. More importantly, the number of inbound leads generated through the website increased ten-fold while lead quality also improved. 

The client reported that our program has led to a substantial return on investment and the closing of new, multi-million dollar business deals with firms including SpaceX™, Black & Decker™, and Milwaukee Tools™. 

Over 75 number one positions in Google Search for the client’s core services in all target countires.
more than 2,500% organic traffic increase in just six months of project completion.
Multi-million dollar manufacturing deals generated from organic search including deals with SpaceX™, Black & Decker™, and Milwaukee Tools™.

Services Provided
  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • International Search Engine Optimization
  • Sales-enablement
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
Client Feedback

“Cam is very talented at integrated marketing strategy, SEO, and lead generation. He brought our metal manufacturing website from relative obscurity to the top of Google search results for certain keywords in just a few weeks. We are getting more leads as a result and our SEO rankings keep improving daily.The content his team created was well-researched and well-written. Cam made sure the articles and website page content looked good, sounded good, and would make sense from a user standpoint, not just for SEO rankings. I definitely recommend working with CM&P if you want results.”


– Eric M.
CEO, Redstone Manufacturing