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Raw coffee bean distributor with a focus on internet-based sales.


Genuine Origins
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Services Provided
Digital Strategy Consulting
Genuine Origins Coffee is one of the world’s largest wholesalers and distributors of coffee beans, sourcing them from 12 different countries and selling them in the United States. They invested considerable resources in digital marketing during 2017 but were not satisfied with the returns on their marketing spend for the year.
Genuine Origins Coffee hired our agency to review all their digital marketing efforts and devise a comprehensive framework going into 2018. The challenge, in this case, involved auditing their entire digital process, refining, and where necessary, redefining strategies, planning budgets and setting up a measurement plan to ensure accurate reporting of online marketing efforts and their results.
Digital Strategy Consulting 88%
Facebook Marketing Consulting 78%
Google AdWords Consulting 57%
Search Engine Optimization 0%



In order to conduct a thorough audit, we collected all the data from their analytics accounts, social media properties, and e-commerce portal. In our analysis, we found that they were majorly overspending in MOFU (middle of the funnel) activities, and not focusing on TOFU (top of the funnel), which is critical in building awareness. We then completely re-orchestrated their marketing campaigns across all channels and designed a budget for 2018 which focused on maximum ROI.

Their campaigns were then further enriched via video content and native advertising, geared towards increasing awareness and building a pipeline of new prospects. Additionally, we also leveraged dynamic advertising to set up retargeting campaigns for upselling and cross-selling to maximize customer lifetime value. Finally, in order to help the company clearly understand the performance of their campaigns, we created a custom analytics measurement plan. Our measurement plan included a comprehensive dashboard, showing the clients key performance indicators, and corresponding metrics. 

Provided the client with strategic and tactical recommendations that pivoted its advertising strategy.
Identified areas of paid advertising where the client was wasting money and missing opportunities.
Provided the client with a new analytics measurement plan and a customized dashboard that management could understand.
Services Provided
  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Google AdWords Consulting
  • Facebook Marketing Consulting
Client Feedback
“Cam and his team performed an audit of our social and analytics properties. They shed light on where we were wasting money and missing opportunities. They also provided strategic and tactical recommendations that will help our business pivot its advertising strategy.” 


-Robert S.
Insights Manager, Genuine Origins Coffee