An e-commerce retailer committed to promoting health and wellness through its brands and products.


Asako Global
Consumer Discretionary
E-Commerce Retail, Health Related
Services Provided
Digital Strategy, Analytics Consulting, PPC, Social Media
Asako Global is an e-commerce company that sells health-related products under several different brands. A significant portion of their business takes place on Amazon. One of their best selling products is a patented, detox method. The product is applied to the bottom of the foot through an adhesive pad that removes and absorbs toxins in the body. The formula is organically derived from bamboo-shoots and experienced immediate success on Amazon. In late 2016, Amazon notified all its vendors that it would soon eliminate many non-FDA approved, health-related product categories from its platform.
Faced with uncertainty about its future Asako Global contacted Cam Myers Marketing to explore the possibility of building a business outside of Amazon. They needed to replace Amazon-revenue by pursuing their own success with e-commerce. Without a digital strategy and e-commerce plan in place, their website generated little sales and was mostly used by customers to research the product before buying on Amazon. The website was already experiencing good traffic levels, and there was an immediate need to convert these visitors into paying customers.
Digital Strategy Consulting 66%
Analytics Consulting 72%
Pay-Per-Click Advertising 87%
Conversion Rate Optimization 47%



nalyzing checkout behavior in Google Analytics, we isolated a few key variables that could be lowering conversion rates. We made changes to these variables and implemented a split-test which allowed us to understand how the changes affected conversion rates. The results of the test were conclusive enough to make a fundamental shift in the websites checkout process, and as a result, conversion rates more than doubled. Our team also analyzed transaction history from the past year and determined that the majority of buyers were purchasing on their second and third visits to the website. The percentage of visitors that returned to the site after the first visit was insufficient and we needed to improve it. We improved returning visitor rates by creating remarketing campaigns across multiple online channels. The advertisements delivered to past website visitors and placed a particular focus on those who had abandoned their shopping cart at checkout. The theme of the campaign was to convey the positive emotions experienced after making a good health choice. We used real customer reviews and testimonials in the advertisements to make the messages relatable to everyday life.

The campaign included video and image ads across Facebook, Instagram, and the Google Display Network. We managed these campaigns on an ongoing basis to improve performance and ROAS (return on ad spend). We used different pay-per-clicks bid strategies for different audience-types to maximize our rate of return. The visitors who displayed high-levels of engagement on the site were targeted with higher bids, while less engaged visitors were segmented and targeted with lower bids. This tactic allowed us to adjust the cost of reaching audiences based on the potential value they offered. We sold to our core buyers, while also capturing additional revenue from a less-engaged audience. When the campaigns reached the profitable returns that we set out to hit, our team pivoted its focus towards improving customer lifetime value. If customers follow the recommended use, they consume the product every 30 days. We set out to maximize repeat orders by reminding customers when it was time to place another order. We created a custom audience that included buyers from the past 21 to 30 days, which refreshed daily. Reaching this audience on social media and email, led to a significant increase in customer lifetime value.

The client reported a 236% return on investment within the first 60 days. 
We maintained an average cost per click of $0.59 throughout the campaign.
The client experienced a 113% increase in website conversion rates over the first 60 days.
Services Provided
  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Facebook Marketing Services
  • Instagram Marketing Services
  • Display Advertising
Client Feedback
“The best advertiser and marketers we have ever worked with. We have a Shopify website with fulfillment by Amazon, and they have brought it from limited sales to a consistent flow via retargeting, A/B testing, Facebook ads, Instagram, Email Opt-ins, and Email Campaigns. They are also super attentive and send reports to me constantly.”
– Corey M.
President, Asako Global